Connecting Ideas within an Academic Text in English

Ref : EL0050TP04

Theme : Academic English

Contributor : Tony Prince

Tony Prince is Programme Manager for Presessional and Insessional courses at INTO UEA in the UK, running courses preparing students for University study, and supporting them during their University courses. He is also teacher trainer at the NILE institute in Norwich in the UK.

Video Summary

Discussing the importance of connections in structuring an academic text in English.
Describing what kinds of connections a reader will expect, and why international students may have difficulty making these connections.

Learning Objectives

- To understand the difference between connections in different languages
- To recognise the expectations of a reader regarding the connection of ideas
- To understand the process of connecting ideas in a text
- To recognise the particular forms that connection will take in an academic text

Key Words

Connection, culture, difference, organisation, generate, group, priority, view, position