Company Law

Ref : BM0046SB02

Theme : Law

Contributor : Stephen Bloomfield

Stephen Bloomfield is Director of the Corporate Governance Unit at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. His latest book ‘Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance’ has just been published by Cambridge University Press in February 2013.

Video Summary

The most significant area of law is probably Contract Law for most companies. It goes to the very heart of all economic and business activity.
We have seen substantial developments in the past few years, which really reflects a new departure in Corporate Law to control company behaviour.

Learning Objectives

- growing significance of Law that controls the behaviour of companies.

- development of legislation concerning and protecting all people, who come into contact with a company.

- how Law is changing the traditional and cultural way that companies behave.

Key Words

Negligence, blame, controlling minds, liquidation, penalty, survival, objectives, reach, investigation, bribery, scandal, syphoned off