Corporate Governance

Ref : BM0035SB01

Theme : Management

Contributor : Stephen Bloomfield

Stephen Bloomfield is Director of the Corporate Governance Unit at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. His latest book ‘Theory and Practice of Corporate Governance’ has just been published by Cambridge University Press in February 2013.

Video Summary

This video will give an introduction to the concepts of Corporate Governance in terms of a dimensional analysis.
If used properly, Corporate Governance is a method for a company to prosper. It can reduce internal stresses and make a valuable contribution to performance.

Learning Objectives

- description of basic concepts of analysis of governance.

- considering the impact of stakeholders.

- the impacts and apparent failures of Corporate Governance within financial institutions.

- the development of Corporate Governance rules and regulations.

Key Words

Corporate Governance, dimensions, stakeholders, failure, principle based system, listed companies, financial institutions, continuing process, unified and disparate objectives