Culture with a Big C and culture with a small c

Ref : BM0061DS03

Theme : Intercultural Awareness

Contributor : David Slack

David Slack has a distiguished career developing cross-cultural training in a large multi-national company. He is now a freelance intercultural trainer working with companies and professional schools and is now practicing world-wide in this field.

Video Summary

Taking as a starting point a famous quote from Winston Churchill, this talk looks at the link between forms (Gestalt), which we construct to help us to solve universal problems and which then come to form us collectively.

Learning Objectives

- Explore the link between collective forms (Gestalt) and cultural options.
- Indicate the compelling relationship between the individual and the collective.
- Suggest a new area of exploration : inter group therapy “and its importance for survival”.

Key Words

Gestalt, Churchill, buildings, language, culture, thought patterns