Financial Fraud - Be Prepared !

Ref : BM0060SM02

Theme : Finance

Contributor : Stephane Maurette

Stephane Maurette has 25 years of experience in corporate finance, including positions held as CFO and Senior Internal Auditor within large international groups. He is currently director of xenTrusT, an M&A advisory company based in Lyon (France).

Video Summary

During hard times ethical business is competing with growth objectives. This video addresses numerous cases where financial fraud can be committed supposedly “for the sake” of the company and will explain why many of them will have to face internal or external claims in the future.

Learning Objectives

- Describing common corporate fraud types
- Understanding that in many cases a fraud is committed supposedly “for the sake” of the company
- Discussing often common situations, where an individual can be encouraged to perform a fraudulent action
- Understanding that new regulations are boosting the likelihood of whistle-blower claims

Key Words

FCPA violations, misstatement, corporate fraud, covenant breach, internal control, ethical business, bribery, misappropriation, Dodd Frank, whistle-blower