Good Leadership

Ref : BM0045JK03

Theme : Leadership

Contributor : Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles has considerable experience in running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the UK and mainland Europe. He is a full time lecturer at a modern university in Cambridge and as an international lecturer, he regularly teaches in six European universities and is a guest lecturer in a University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

Video Summary

There is no best way to lead, but maybe better ways to adjust leadership style to a context.
A leader is not a manager, but is perhaps a “political animal”, who should accept that different people have different competancies.
Basically, leadership should broaden prospectives of individuals within an organisation environment and even be tolerant with failure.

Learning Objectives

- defining the role of leaders.

- the problem for leaders facing change.

- how organisations respond to environmental complexity.

- how to give people the opportunity to become a leader.

Key Words

Identifiable trends, leaner and meaner, social satisfaction, sphere of control, influence, competancies