How to Waste Money in Marketing

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Theme : Marketing

Contributor : Kevan Williams

Dr Kevan Williams has been fortunate to work across the private, public and university sectors and has also run his own business. He is currently working at Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia, where he is Director of Enterprise, Engagement and External Relations and a Senior Lecturer in Strategy. He has published two books in recent times : "Strategic Management" - by Dorling Kindersley. "Brilliant Business Plan" - by Prentice Hall.

Video Summary

Marketing is a paradox. Marketing is a wonderful and powerful tool to make a company successful, but it is the fastest way of wasting money.
Companies need to understand the difference between Strategis Marketing, Promotional Marketing and Sales. Spending money on communication, is not the automatic way to success.

Learning Objectives

- understanding the different perspectives of Marketing.

- identifying and answering the right questions.

- what does the company want to tell the world about its business.

- thinking about how to help the customer buy the product.

Key Words

Strategic Marketing, Promotional Marketing, Sales, success, communication, spending money, communication