International Accounting Manipulation and Security Valuation

Ref : BM0063FA01

Theme : Accounting

Contributor : Francois Aubert

François Aubert has been working in the accountancy field for many years and is currently serving as an Associate Professor of Accounting and as a FactSet Fellow at the Graduate School of Management at Clermont University. He recently published papers in The RAF and The JIFMA.

Video Summary

The video aims at better understanding the relationships between accounting manipulations by listed-firms and firm valuation.
Under International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), managers want to manipulate consolidated statements to maximize shareholders’ value and their compensation package.

Learning Objectives

- Understanding accounting manipulations.
- Identifying motives for managing earnings.
- Learning more about creative accounting and window dressing.
- Better understanding of earnings management and equity analysis.

Key Words

Accounting manipulations, earnings management, creative accounting, security valuation, income smoothing, consolidated financial statements