International Mergers & Acquisitions - the Hidden Side

Ref : BM0057SM01

Theme : Business

Contributor : Stephane Maurette

Stephane Maurette has 25 years of experience in corporate finance, including positions held as CFO and Senior Internal Auditor within large international groups. He is currently director of xenTrusT, an M&A advisory company based in Lyon (France).

Video Summary

Even if the data is difficult to gather, professionals agree on the fact that 2 out of 3 global mergers are not creating the value expected.
This video addresses the reasoning behind M&A, the hidden aspects and suggests some reasons why it is not always successful.

Learning Objectives

- discussing the communication aspects of an M&A transaction.
- understanding that M&A is not only a financial matter, but a people one.
- understanding key success factors.

Key Words

Mergers and acquisitions, value creation, human factor, deal value, financial communication, transactions