Making Effective Presentations

Ref : SSK0012RN01

Theme : Presentations

Contributor : Robin Noel

Robin Noel has worked for more than thirty years for a major international company. He passionately believes in the importance of fundamental business skills involved in making presentations.

Video Summary

Preparing the presentation : defining the objectives, identifying the audience and their expectations, creating the storyboard.
Delivering the presentation : engaging with the audience, handling questions and interruptions.
Following up questions.

Learning Objectives

  1. Appreciating the impact an effective presentation can make.
  2. Identifying the key points to making a successful presentation.
  3. Understanding why it is important to prepare your presentation thoroughly.
  4. Citing some ways of engaging with your audience.

Key Words

Presentation, audience, expectations, preparation, storyboard, duration, venue, pace, interruption, follow-up