Operations Management

Ref : BM0049PSH02

Theme : Management

Contributor : Peter Schmidt-Hansen

Peter Schmidt-Hansen is a lecturer at the University of East Anglia in the UK, with many years’ experience of manufacturing, marketing and branding. Apart from being a brand expert, he also loves cooking, cycling and supporting The Canaries ! For people who don’t know this is Norwich FC in the Premiership.

Video Summary

Every day around the world, many organisations die. When we look at why they disappeared, it’s usually because their operations weren’t managed properly.
This video introduces operations management and sows the seeds for survival.

Learning Objectives

- What is operations management ?
- Why is operations management so important ?
- What are the five things operations managers should focus on ?
- Why is cost not always the most important thing to manage ?

Key Words

Operations, management, quality, dependability, speed, flexibility, cost.