Why do we Study Management ?

Ref : BM0001DM01

Theme : Management

Contributor : David Marker

David Marker is a well known professor in Management and Human Resources. He did his Masters and PHD degrees in Kansas USA and has taught and worked in the Management sector for over 20 years.

Video Summary

This video discusses the importance of studying management and looks at the reasons why more and more institutions are offering Masters degree in Management.
Traditional management is about planning, directing and controlling an entreprise. A more contemporary approach is the organisation of people and processes and all the interdependancies that this may demand.

Learning Objectives

- understand the importance of studying management.

- the importance of management to a company and society.

- managing interdependancies of people and processes.

- trusting the manager.

Key Words

Capitalistic entrepreneurship, management education,financial rewards, society and individuals, interdependancies, trust, responsibilities

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