Real Strategy

Ref : BM0034JK02

Theme : Strategy

Contributor : Jonathan Knowles

Jonathan Knowles has considerable experience in running undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the UK and mainland Europe. He is a full time lecturer at a modern university in Cambridge and as an international lecturer, he regularly teaches in six European universities and is a guest lecturer in a University of Applied Sciences in Switzerland.

Video Summary

Strategy brings everything together and is closely linked to how a company creates and keeps customers. Strategy can also be a traditional way of considering the compromise of keeping all the stakeholders happy.
However as the environment is full of variables, complexities and unknowns, so generic strategies have to be considered with respect and their limitations accepted.

Learning Objectives

- how strategy achieves a match between hard and soft resources.

- the limitations of generic theories.

- learning from what works and what doesn’t work.

- why strategic failure can be avoided.

Key Words

Stakeholders, compromise, generic strategies, limitations, hard and soft resources, strategic fit, complexities and unknowns, company environment