Succession Plans and Career Paths

Ref : SSK0027AD08

Theme : Talent & Career Development

Contributor : Alan Duke

Alan Duke is a seasoned HR professional with 30+ years experience in the UK, Europe and North America and has held worldwide responsibility for Senior Management staffing and career development with a leading international company. He has published several articles and is co-author with Daniel Boulanger of “Managing Careers at Michelin : a 3 Star Career Guide” (ed. EMS 2011).

Video Summary

Succession Plans and Career Paths, two important planning tools to stay ahead of the game, with examples of how they work and a quiz on the best way to fill a vacancy.

Learning Objectives

- Succession Plans start with the post
- Career Paths start with the person
- They are not commitments but solid hypotheses
- Your true added value is making them work together in harmony

Key Words

Tools, planning, forecast, rules, format, profile, potential, target