Become a Good Negotiator

Ref : BM0006PB01

Theme : Negotiation

Contributor : Pascal Brassier

Pascal Brassier has more than 12 years experience in sales and sales management, and is professor and researcher in negotiation and sales management. He is dedicated to helping business students and managers to improve their skills in this field and his courses and training sessions are intensive and very dynamic. He has developed connections all around the Globe, in order to create and share new knowledge with colleagues and future trainees.

Video Summary

- Story : the “rooky”, his key mistakes… and now that “rooky” is me !
- 1st secret : objective analysis of the situation (frame, people, objectives)
- 2nd secret : specific preparation of each negotiation (OCEAN)
- 3rd secret : frequent training
- Conclusion : your challenge is (1) analyze your last nego, (2) identify key factors success/failure, and (3) let’s go further !

Learning Objectives

- Understand why negotiation techniques are accessible to everyone.
- Acquire the “basics” of the negotiation frame.
- Think about your future negotiations in terms of a proactive process.

Key Words

“rooky”, frame, people, objectives, negotiation, frequent training, success/failure, techniques, proactive process