Bridging Culture Gaps

Ref : BM0011DS01

Theme : Intercultural Awareness

Contributor : David Slack

David Slack has a distiguished career developing cross-cultural training in a large multi-national company. He is now a freelance intercultural trainer working with companies and professional schools and is now practicing world-wide in this field.

Video Summary

When working in international teams, participants should become aware of the impact of national cultural differences in order to avoid misunderstandings leading to poor performance levels.
Cross- cultural competence is essential for today’s globalized workforces.

Learning Objectives

- Become aware of the impact of national cultural differences.
- Understand the nature of a cultural dimension.
- Be able to name two areas in which culture may have an effect.
- Feel enthusiastic to further explore the subject.

Key Words

Culture, bridging, dimensions, international, communication, cross-culture, misunderstandings

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