The Most Important Question in Business

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Theme : Business

Contributor : Kevan Williams

Dr Kevan Williams has been fortunate to work across the private, public and university sectors and has also run his own business. He is currently working at Norwich Business School at the University of East Anglia, where he is Director of Enterprise, Engagement and External Relations and a Senior Lecturer in Strategy. He has published two books in recent times : "Strategic Management" - by Dorling Kindersley. "Brilliant Business Plan" - by Prentice Hall.

Video Summary

Learning about business is a joy. Our ability to understand the secrets of business leads us to build better businesses for the benefit of the world. Part of the joy of business, is that it’s real and it’s all around us.
Whether we know it or not we engage in business decisions everyday, every time we buy or sell something, we are doing business and we can use this real experience along with theory to help our understanding.

Learning Objectives

- understanding the reasoning why a consumer buys a product.
- what makes your company stand out from the rest.
- why will a consumer buy from you and not from somebody else.
- answer the « most important question in business ».

Key Words

Consumer, business, reasons, business decisions, competitive advantage