The Good Salesman and The Selling Process

Ref : BM0007JMR01

Theme : Selling

Contributor : Jean-Michel Ranchon

Jean-Michel Ranchon has been a Consultant in Business Development since 2007 and is a Professor of Marketing and Negotiation at FBS in France. He is also chief Commercial & Marketing Officer in a multinational company working across 4 continents.

Video Summary

This video introduces the PAC3 method, a sales method in 9 steps that allows you to identify the sales process of a company and to recruit the adequate people and train them according to its specificities.

Learning Objectives

- To discover the illusion of the perfect sales man
- To discover the sales process in 9 steps “PAC3”

Key Words

Sales process, PAC3, preparation, action, conclusion, salesman, recruit, train